ABOUT KWESi Azziiiam


Kwesi Azziiiam, an up and coming Afro house/techno & Alternative producer, who resides in the UK. He grew up in London where his love and ear for music was moulded by his environment and experiences.  Being raised by his music enthusiast father who introduced Kwesi to 70's Disco and soul sounds and African roots which helped form his founding taste for music. Kwesi began making music in his early teen years, producing high tempo gritty grime beats for his peers to rap and MC over. In his later years Kwesi began exploring his roots, being of Jamaican decent he found himself back in Africa where he fell in love with the soundscape, serenity  and ambience of the continent. 

Kwesi has developed a unique style, which does not fit in a box. His sound is an amalgamation of 70's soul with chords which will tug at the strings of all your emotions, mixed in with mean hard hitting deep tones reminiscent of inner city London streets, finally  finished off with the energetic drums of the mother land glossed over with the sweet sounding ambience of that magical plane. His style however is forever evolving and changing, but at the core expect to find the universal rhythm of the Diaspora crafted in with touching deep soul tones and energetic melodies all combining to produce a sound which connects all listeners to their roots exploring our past, present and future as a people through music. 



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